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Travel & Tourism in Providence, RI

Providence, Rhode Island, is one of the United States’ oldest cities, but it’s easy to see that this capital has come a long way since its original settlement in 1636. Now known as "The Renaissance City," Providence has seen a recent city-wide reformation that has expanded the city’s art community and lowered its crime rate to a number unseen in over 30 years.

Summers bring WaterFire, an outdoor exhibit featuring bonfires that burn along the surfaces of the Woonasquatucket, Moshassuck, and Providence rivers. Accompanied by the sounds of world music, this spectacle can be seen from downtown Providence’s Waterplace Park. Riverwalk, a cobblestone sidewalk that winds around downtown Providence, often hosts sculpture and other art exhibits. Art lovers can also visit the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, where they’ll find art from America, Rhode Island based artists, and artists from around the world. Providence is also home to a thriving performing arts scene, as it is home to the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra, Trinity Repertory Company, and Providence Black Repertory Company.

Providence is bursting with hundreds of locales to choose from when it comes to dining and nightlife. Whether it’s fresh seafood, perfectly grilled steaks, or a tasty deli sandwich you crave, you’ll find it in Providence. From quick casual to fine dining, your palate will be pleased by one of this city’s many unique restaurants. After dinner, check out Providence’s hopping nightlife scene, which includes pubs, microbreweries, wine cellars, nightclubs, jazz lounges, and more. And don’t miss the opportunity to experience one of America’s best underground music scenes – it’s one of Providence’s claims to fame!

Your visit to Providence will be complete when you stay in one of its cozy accommodations. Whether you prefer something that the whole family can affordably stay in or a luxury suite for a romantic weekend, you’ll find it in Providence. Need to pick up some gifts while you’re there? Providence’s shopping district is sure to meet your need for retail therapy.

With recent city-wide improvements and tons of things to see and do, right now is the perfect time to check out Providence, Rhode Island.

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