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Food & Dining in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta offers a multitude of opportunities when it comes to food, drinks and entertainment. This southern city has not strayed from its roots. Each section provides several restaurants, serving southern-style, Cajun and Creole cooking. However, these sections also present a large assortment of international cuisine. Chinese buffets, Mexican restaurants, American steakhouses, Spanish restaurants and French cafes — Atlanta promises a diverse selection of eateries.

Downtown Atlanta offers diners traditional American cooking, as well as some Brazilian restaurants, Thai restaurants and French restaurants. Charming Buckhead provides a wide range of cuisines, including Hawaiian, Moroccan, Fusion and Italian. Midtown patrons can dine on authentic tapas at the area’s Spanish restaurants, sample exotic entrees at its trendy Pan-Asian bistros and indulge in zesty, cheese-smothered pastas at its Italian restaurants. With both traditional American cuisine, as well as a sizeable assortment of international restaurants, even the most selective eaters can find a satisfying meal.

Dining in Atlanta is always exciting, but its nightlife is equally, if not more, exhilarating. Each neighborhood offers an array of nightspots, including electrifying dance clubs, sophisticated cocktail lounges and old-fashioned pubs. So whether you’re hungry for a spectacular meal or just want to exchange stories with friends over a couple of potent concoctions, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy in this hot, southern city.

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