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FAQ - ThinkLocal®

About ThinkLocal TM

What is ThinkLocal?
ThinkLocal® is a search engine for local businesses. We're committed to connecting our users with the businesses they are seeking in their town.

Who visits ThinkLocal?
ThinkLocal is a free online business directory that helps businesses connect with local customers who are searching for their products and services. Web users often find ThinkLocal through the online advertising that we buy to drive traffic to our site. For that reason, businesses who are listed on ThinkLocal can benefit from all the traffic we bring in.

How did my business get on your Web site?
In an effort to provide our customers with a comprehensive list of local services, we've gathered publicly available business directory listings from yellow pages across the nation. We apologize if you notice any incorrect or outdated information related to your listing. To modify your listing details, simply create a free ThinkLocal account. You'll be able to change and enhance your business listing.

My business is not listed on your Web site. How can I add it and is there a charge for doing so?
Please create a ThinkLocal account. From there, you will be able to add business listings that do not appear on ThinkLocal or take ownership of those that do. There is NO CHARGE for our standard listings.

How do I search for something? What is the best way to search?
Searching at ThinkLocal is based on two things, a "what" and a "where." We focus on what you are looking for and where geographically you want to find it. You can search by the standard yellow page headings that will automatically produce suggestions as you type. Or, you can enter the business name or keyword of what you're looking for. When indicating where you want to search, simply enter a city and state or a ZIP code. The search results will display results relevant to the chosen city, as well as its neighboring communities.

Search Concerns & Issues

Why am I not getting any search results?
First, make sure that you've entered a city and state or a ZIP code into the location field. Location results are based on longitude and latitude, so if we can't figure out the longitude and latitude of the city and state or ZIP code you've indicated, we won't be able to pull you any results.

I am listed in the phone book, so why am I not listed in ThinkLocal?
We cannot guarantee that we've listed every business. The easiest way to figure out if you are in our records is to search directly for your business name and ZIP code. If you cannot find your listing, you can add one. Simply create your free ThinkLocal account today.

Do I have to enter a location?
Yes, business searching is based on nearness to your target location, so it is important that you specify your location. If you don't enter an address, we will try to guess which city you might be interested in, based on your IP address, and your search results will reflect this guess. However, for the best results, you will need to enter a city and state or ZIP code.

I can't find my city among the suggested cities in the dropdown menu, is that a problem?
Not really. It simply means we won't be able figure out where you are, and thus won't be able to search for businesses near you. In this case try your ZIP code or a neighboring city.

Why doesn't ThinkLocal recognize my zip code?
We're able to look up the longitude and latitude for more than 44,000 ZIP codes. If yours is not one of them, try indicating your city and state.

I know what I am looking for. Can I just type in the name of the business or establishment?
Absolutely. You can search by keyword phrase, as well as by partial or whole business names, to find businesses that pertain to what you are seeking. All results are also categorized by yellow page headings, so you can also choose a heading to receive a list of relevant businesses names.

How can I refine my search?
With ThinkLocal's advanced search capability, you can search by keyword or by business name. If you choose to search by keyword, make sure that you select the keyword option under the 'Search for' field. To retrieve a list of relevant businesses in your area, search for common phrases or words likes 'auto repair,' 'restaurants,' 'pizza,' 'dentist' or 'lawyer.' Using terms that are either too broad or too specific may limit the success of your search.

You may also choose to search by business name. Simply select the business name option under the 'Search for' field. Then enter the name of the business you are searching for. Our system will try to match your entry with the business names in our database and present you with a list of business names that include the terms you have entered. It is not always necessary to enter the entire name of a business, but the more specific your entry is, the more relevant your results will be.

How to Manage My Listing

My business is in the directory, but the information is incorrect. What do I do?
You are the best source of information about your business. Therefore, create a ThinkLocal® account using our Account Manager, and make the changes you need. ThinkLocal accounts are free. We want you to be able to update your listings, so can offer your potential customers the most accurate information available. Once you've set up an account in the Account Manager, you will be able to modify and enhance your listing.

I need to update my listing. How can I change my business information?
Log in to your Account Manager. If you do not have a ThinkLocal account already, it only takes a minute to create one. Once you are logged in, simply choose the listing you wish to update. Any changes made to your standard listing can take up to 24 hours to process. You can make changes to your enhanced listing package by editing your package details. Please note that your monthly fee may change with adjustments to your Enhanced Listing package.

Will I receive an e-mail regarding my ThinkLocal listing?
You may receive e-mails from ThinkLocal as a result of changes that you make to your service or if there are issues regarding processing payment. We will also give you the opportunity to take advantage of new promotions and learn more about how you can increase the visibility of your business listing.

How to Make My Business Easy To Find

How can I tell if anyone has seen my listing?
Simply log in to your Account Manager to find out how many impressions your listing is generating for your business. If you've selected an enhanced listing, you will also receive access to advanced reporting capabilities, including the number of times your listing has been forwarded and the types of keywords that are used to search for your business.

I want more people to find my business. What can I do?
ThinkLocal offers our business customers multiple ways to improve their online business directory listings. One great way is to upgrade to an enhanced listings package. To sign up for this visibility-boosting service, log in to your Account Manager and select the listing that you'd like to improve. After this, choose the geographic and category targeting that you believe will be ideal for your listing's visibility and present you with better results. Then, regularly access the statistics available to you in Account Manager to track listing's performance.

Where will my listing appear?
Your standard listing will appear in the category that you assign when you set up your account for searches that take place within or near your business zip code. If you choose to expand the visibility of your listing through an enhanced package, you may be able to reach a broader audience and receive preferred placements at the top section of each relevant results page. See the details on the screens in Account Manager for illustrations of what an enhanced listing will look like.

What is the difference between a Standard and an Enhanced Listing?
Every customer has the opportunity to take advantage of a free ThinkLocal standard listing, but to gain access to our advanced statistics tool, customize your audience base and receive preferred placement, you will need to sign up for an enhanced listing package, which is available for a low monthly fee. Simply log in to your Account Manager, choose the listing that you wish to make more visible and select your geographic and category targeting from the options presented to you. Once you've upgraded your account, you will be able to track the performance of your Enhanced Listing, using the reporting available to you through your Account Manager.

What happens if I want to target outside of my local area?
ThinkLocal is specifically tailored to customers who want to promote their business to a local audience.

Why are there different prices for geography and category?
Our geographic pricing is based on three levels: city, region and state. Prices within each of those geographic cuts are based on population. Consequently, more populous regions are priced at a different rate than those which are less populous. Our category pricing is based on the search frequency of the category you have selected. More frequently searched categories are priced differently from less frequently searched categories. Together, your selections reflect the price that you are charged on a monthly basis. That price point remains in effect until you change your selections.

How Do Enhanced Listing Charges Work?

Can I make changes to my listing in the middle of a billing cycle?
If you have chosen to increase the visibility of your listing but want to change your targeting, log in to your Account Manager to make your modifications. If your changes are made within the first five days of your billing cycle, they will take effect immediately, and you will be charged or credited the difference in package costs. Anytime after the first five days, your changes will take effect upon the next billing cycle. Please note that you may be asked to provide your credit card number again to ensure that we can efficiently process your adjustment.

Why am I being billed monthly?
If you have chosen to upgrade your listing using our enhanced packages, you will be presented with a monthly charge for the added value that you are receiving through ThinkLocal. Currently, we offer monthly packages only. Use you Account Manager to track the performance of your listings.

How can I find out when my billing cycle begins?
The first day of your billing cycle is the date that your credit card is charged. Contact your credit card company to find out more about the charge details.

How will these charges appear on my credit card statement?
You will see a line item called "ThinkLocal." One line will appear for each listing you choose to enhance.

How do I cancel my enhanced listing?
Log into you Account Manager, select the listing with the purchased package, click on the enhanced listing link and select the cancel button. If you cancel the service within the first 5 days of your billing cycle, your account will be credited. Please note that you may be asked to provide your credit card number again to ensure that we can efficiently process your credit.

My business no longer exists. How do I remove it from ThinkLocal?
If you would like to have your business listing removed from ThinkLocal, please email us at service@thinklocal.com.

My Account Information

How can I change my account information?
Log in to your Account Manager to make your edits. If you are trying to modify your listing, choose the business to which you'd like to make your changes. If you are trying to modify your account holder information, select the button marked "Preferences" and follow the instructions to make your changes.

How do I activate my account?
If you've identified a listing that is a business you own or manage, set up a ThinkLocal account to take ownership of that listing. There is no charge for the service.

Can I manage multiple listings in one account?
Yes, your Account Manager is a one-stop-shop to manage all of the businesses you have listed on ThinkLocal.

I've forgotten my password. What do I do?
If you've forgotten your password, go to the ThinkLocal Sign In page. You will see a link labeled "Forgot My Password." Follow those instructions to generate a new password.
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